LeBron James Sends 5-Word Message On Future With Lakers

The Denver Nuggets eliminated the Los Angeles Lakers from the playoff race after the tight Game 5 win. It was a must-win game for the Lakers, but they suffered a 108-106 loss. Players built a good lead in the first three quarters of the game, but the Nuggets didn’t take a step back. LA is out of playoff contention now and everyone talks about LeBron and his future with the Lakers.

The four-time NBA champion has a $51.4 million player option for the 2024-25 NBA season. LeBron has just finished his 21st NBA season and his clock is ticking. He will be 40 in the upcoming season and Bronny has just declared for the 2024 NBA Draft. Will this affect LeBron’s future with the team?

Reporters had a lot of questions about LeBron’s plans, but the Lakers superstar ignored them all.

“I’m not gonna answer that,” LeBron said when asked about his future with the Lakers.

LeBron has great plans for the near future

LeBron and his teammates enter the offseason and now he can spend more time with his family.

“I just want to get home to the family,” LeBron said. “Honestly, one of my boys is trying to decide if he’s going to enter the draft or go back to school. Another kid is playing AAU ball right now. My daughter is playing volleyball. My wife is doing so many great things. So it’s about family right now. Then, in a couple months, I got to go to Vegas for training camp. So I need to rest my body for (USA Basketball).”

The Lakers will probably offer LeBron a new deal. Many believe that the GOAT will ask for a no-trade clause if he agrees to a deal with the team.

“The Lakers, team sources say, would be open to discussing any deal that involves James coming back — including even the maximum three-year, $164 million extension they can offer,” The Athletic reported after the Game 5 loss. “Playing through a three-year deal would put him at 42 by the end of the contract.”

NBA analysts have discussed LeBron’s next move for quite some time. His window is closing and he did admit that he will have to retire in the near future.

“Not very long,” the superstar said in March when asked about how much longer he’ll play. “I’m on the other side, obviously, of the hill. So I’m not going to play another 21 years, that’s for damn sure. But not very long.”