HC Jerod Mayo Open To The Possibility Of A Tom Brady Reunion — As A Patriots Coach

The New England Patriots will look a lot different in 2024. Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo rebuilt the team. New England used the best picks in the 2024 NFL Draft and also got a great group of undrafted free agents. It wasn’t enough though. Patriots fans still speculate about a potential reunion with Tom Brady.

Fun fact? Mayo didn’t turn down this option. However, he did say that Brady can come back to New England as a coach.

The former Patriots quarterback discussed his willingness to join the NFL again on the “Deep Cut” podcast. Brady also tried to become a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Patriots count benefit from a reunion with Brady

Mayo heard all the comments Brady made regarding his NFL comeback. He offered honest take during his appearance on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” on April 29. Mayo wants Brady to join his team. As a coach.

I love Tom, and the door is always open if he wants to come in here and coach,” Mayo said. “But as far as going on the field, I don’t know. But if he comes in here, once again, going back to the ‘Hey, the best player will play,’ you’ve gotta come in here in compete, and he loves competition. I doubt he’s gonna be walking through these doors any time soon.”

Brady may not join the NFL in training camp. Mayo understands his perspective and so does Hill.

“Exactly. That’s right,” Mayo said. “He’ll be one of those guys that if something happens in November and we’re in a good position – hey, come in. Nah, I’m good on that.”

Brady may become a minority owner, but he’d also love to hit the football field again. The former quarterback also as a 10-year deal with Fox Sports and is set to be their lead color commentator. It was a great deal and Brady will get $37 million per year. Will he add a coaching gig to his net worth?