Lakers’ Superstar LeBron James Could Force Coaching Change For ‘His Guy’

The Los Angeles Lakers are out of playoff contention after losing Game 5 to the Denver Nuggets. It was a close call, but it didn’t happen. LeBron James and his teammates suffered a 108-106 loss and now the front office has to make a move. Will they fire Darvin Ham just like they did with Frank Vogel? Will LeBron James leave the team this offseason? If LeBron stays with the team, he will probably have a big word in the next coaching decision.

Ty Lue has been linked to the Lakers for quite some time. They almost hired him, but negotiations got stuck in the middle of nowhere and Lue ended up coaching the Clippers.

LeBron could make a difference in the coaching staff

Lue and LeBron worked together for over two seasons in Cleveland. The Cleveland Cavaliers made the NBA Finals in all three seasons and got a title in 2016.

LeBron could get Lue in LA and this is a scenario that keeps analysts entertained.

“There are a lot of factors there, Ty is under contract (for 2024-25) but if the Clippers decide they need some changes, he could be one of the changes,” one league executive told Heavy Sports. “LeBron can be a free agent. If Ty is out there, it is pretty clear that’s who LeBron wants.”

LeBron left Lue and the Cavaliers to join the Lakers in 2018. He has nothing but great words for Lue and even referred to the team as the “T-Lue Clippers.”

“Nah, it’s the T-Lue Clippers,” LeBron said when the Clippers traded for James Harden. “I know T-Lue very well. It don’t take T-Lue long to make sure s— get right.”

Lue almost joined the Lakers in 2019 and was supposed to get a three-year deal worth $18 million. Let’s just say he wanted more. “I just didn’t think I was treated fairly. And I wasn’t just going to accept any offer just to get a job. I just thought I was better than that,” Lue said back then.

Lakers may need another coach

LeBron has a chance to make a change this time. Is he willing to make a change?

“If it was all up to LeBron, he’d have Ty Lue as his coach and he would do that with the Lakers,” one Eastern Conference executive said. “That’s his guy. Out of all the coaches LeBron has ever had, the one he singles out is Ty. Now he is in a position where he has free-agency on his side and he can maybe force the team to do something to get his guy if he gets fired.

“I think LeBron has a reputation for pulling strings and dictating moves, and that gets way overblown. Anyone who has worked with him will say, he is easy to work with. He has opinions and he will let you know and, really, you’d be crazy not to ask him his opinion. But he is not a puppet master like some people think.

“But if Ty Lue is available, I’d be really shocked if he did not push the Lakers to get him.”