Lakers Receive Big Update On Star Future

Dennis Schroder didn’t join the Los Angeles Lakers in training camp and the team has just received a big update on the star and his future performance. Dave McMenamin from ESPN reported that Schroder will arrive in LA this weekend.

So, why did Schroder miss time? Visa issues. Simple as that. There’s nothing wrong with his role with the Lakers.

The Lakers signed Schroder through the veteran minimum. He was back home in Germany, trying to lead the national team to a title. It didn’t happen and the Lakers didn’t waste any time. They got Schroder right away. The veteran had a bad year and now he has accepted the challenge.

“This past year didn’t feel right. I felt misunderstood & nobody really knew the story! I’m coming back to the biggest organization to make sh*t right! I hope LakerNation going to support me every single day! I will give everything I have every single day! It’s an honor to play for the Lakers. Can’t wait to get started!”

The Lakers star has great plans for his future with the franchise

Dan Woike reported that the Lakers had a few good reasons to re-sign Schroder. They watched him play with his national team and yes, he looked like a good fit for the current Lakers team.

“Sources familiar with the decision to add Schroder said his attitude this summer playing for the German national team in the European championships, where he’s averaged more than 21 points and seven assists, made the Lakers comfortable with bringing him back into the organization,” Woike reported. “Multiple sources cited the success Dwight Howard had with the 2019-20 championship team as an example of a player’s successful return to the organization with a new approach they hope can be mirrored with Schroder.”

The Lakers will play against the Golden State Warriors on October 9th and we don’t know whether Schroder will see any action in the game. Dave McMenamin was the first to report this.

“He’s doing the best he can to stay in rhythm and to stay in shape,” Ham said last week when asked about Schroder. “But it’s nothing like NBA basketball and being in an NBA setting. So, once he gets here, we’ll be able to throw him right into the deep end of the pool and see how he responds. But Dennis is a high, high-level player. Super-duper competitor and takes great care of himself. So, it should be a quick turnaround for him getting into a rhythm.”

Schroder looked really good on the floor and he will be an excellent fit for the LeBron-led squad.