LeBron James’ Former Rival Rains On Lakers’ Parade After Game 4 Victory

The Los Angeles Lakers broke the losing streak with a Game 4 win, but one of LeBron James’ former rivals is not too happy about it. LeBron and his Lakers teammates delivered strong performance and managed to take their battle to Game 5. It wasn’t easy, but the Lakers taught Denver a lesson. Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets won the first three games of the series and wanted to send LA home again. It didn’t work. They didn’t win the series in 4.

Paul Pierce didn’t miss any of the games in the series and couldn’t hide his criticism. He really said that the Lakers will be eliminated from the playoff race in Game 5.

“Pride game [for] the Lakes [but] this [is] over in 5,” Pierce posted on X, after the Lakers won Game 4.

The Boston Celtics legend had to go against LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers back in the days and he still feels bad about it. His reaction didn’t come as a surprise and yes, it was a typical hater attitude.

“Good news is Lakes win. Bad news [is] they gotta fly to Denver to end [the] series,” Pierce added on X.

LeBron and Lakers teammates motivated by Game 4 win

The Game 5 win broke the Lakers’ losing streak. They had lost 11 straight games to Denver.

LeBron, Anthony Davis, and Austin Reaves showed consistent dominance in the series against the Nuggets. D’Angelo Russell started the series with a struggle and didn’t score any points in Game 3. Lakers fans were visibly frustrated and even booed him during the game. Well, D-Lo switched the tunes and scored 21 points in Game 4.

Lakers players embraced their challenge and will try their best to win the upcoming game and beat the Nuggets.

“We’ve given ourselves another lifeline, and it’s a one-game series for us,” the four-time NBA champion told reporters after the win. “Monday’s game is the most important game of the season for us, and we understand that.”