Kevin Hart Destroys Skip Bayless Over his LeBron James Hatred

Skip Bayless likes to dismiss everything LeBron James accomplished so far, and Kevin Hart is here to shut him down.

Bayless is well known for his criticism of King James. He bashes him on regular basis, and Kevin Hart has had enough of it. In the latest episode of Laugh Out Loud Network’s Cold as Balls, Hart confronted Bayless on the LeBron issue. It was more than hilarious.

When Hart asked him why he hates LeBron so much, the Fox Sports talking head confused a bit.

“I do not. I think he’s actually a very nice guy. In fact, I think he’s too nice of a guy. I wish he had a little bit more basketball killer in him. I don’t think he has enough. It just turns my stomach when all these blind witnesses try to delude themselves and the basketball public into believing that LeBron James is better than Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Who would win a one-on-one game between those two?” Bayless said.

The exchange got a bit heated, and Hart just said that Jordan’s 85, which got Bayless even more confused, and he got stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Hart than made a joke of how Bayless took his own athletic failure out on LeBron and a bunch of other athletes.

Maybe Bayless will stop criticizing LeBron. Remember when he kept comparing him to Michael LeBron and dismissed his championship win with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

“So please don’t tell me LeBron James, great as he is, will ever even sniff the legacy of Michael Jordan, who went 6-0 in Finals with 6 MVPs,” Bayless tweeted at the time.

Let’s just leave Kevin Hart do the job for us. He’ll find a way to handle Bayless. The LeBron bashing has got to stop, and Bayless will probably stop mixing the pots once and for all.

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