Lakers Coach Luke Walton Makes Bold LeBron James Decision

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton made a huge decision regarding LeBron James’ game in the upcoming season, and we didn’t see this coming.

Luke Walton plans to rest the king of basketball this season, noting that he’ll communicate with the small forward regarding his minutes.

LeBron started all 82 regular-season games for the Cleveland Cavaliers last season. He did this for the first time in his career. King James averaged 42 minutes per game in the playoffs.

Walton added that he’ll be checking in on James, explaining that he’s open to rest the small forward if needed.

“We’ve talked about the idea of it, and I’ll be in constant communication with him all year long. If it’s a night off, if it’s a back-to-back, whatever it is, if it’s practice. Preferably if he’s going to take something off, take a practice off to stay fresh. We got him here for four years and we want to be competing every single year that he’s here. If we do play him less minutes or he gets a night off, that’s a great opportunity for other players. It’ll be an ongoing thing, a feel-out thing as the season is going as far as minutes and whether or not he’s going to take this game off or that game off,” the head coach said.

Walton was vocal on LeBron’s move to Los Angeles, and believes that the four-time MVP will improve the quality of the game and help other players on the roster. “I think they’re going to do great, honestly. Part of what I’m hearing from other coaches is one of the things that makes LeBron so great is he picks up every single person he plays with and he elevates their game,” the coach said.

We can’t do anything but agree with Luke Walton.

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