LeBron James Opens Up About His Son’s Basketball Career

LeBron James is the ultimate basketball star, and his son LeBron Jr. ‘Bronny’ sure follows his steps. King James has been in the center of all events since the very first moment he landed on a basketball court. It’s good to see that his son dreams of having the same basketball career as his dad.

LeBron must be proud to realize that Bronny is after a huge basketball career. The kid is already winning championships. When asked about his son’s success, LeBron couldn’t hide the excitement.

“It’s been a treat to watch, being a parent and seeing my son grow as a basketball player. But not only that, being a young man who he is today; the kid will be 14 soon. Just seeing him grow and grow and grow to become who he is today has been a treat. I think from the burden of him having the name itself, I think him understanding that just go out and just play the game and have fun and play for your teammates and give it all you’ve got. You play hard, you play smart and have fun, and let everything else take care of itself,” he said of Bronny.

“The one thing that I have is the luxury of knowing everything that he can expect. There’s nothing that can hit him that I haven’t seen in my life. There is no obstacle that he will run into that I haven’t been a part of that I can’t coach him. At the end of the day, he’s still going to have to live his own life and find his own path. But I hope he turns off his comments on social media. That would be the smartest thing he can do,” the king of basketball added.

We really hope that Bronny will be as successful as his dad. It would be awesome to see them playing on the same basketball court.

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