Report: Jimmy Butler Interested In Teaming Up With LeBron James

A new leak reveals new details about Jimmy Butler and his future with the Timberwolves.

It seems like Jimmy Butler isn’t happy with the lack of professionalism presented by his teammates. The story of his discontent with the management’s inability to build a cohesive team around his talent wasn’t really true.

We’re looking at the expiration of Butler’s contract, and the rumors are still here. Where will Butler go now? Some say that he may join the Los Angeles Lakers. We’ve already heard the report out of NY suggesting that Butler was interested in shaking hands with Kyrie Irving.

NBA fans say that Butler will probably opt out of his player option next season. This guarantees him a $20 million salary. If Butler becomes an unrestricted free agent, he would get a max contract in excess of $30 million each year.
There’s still much time until his free agency, and the only thing we can confirm is the fact that Butler is ready to join a team full of established talent.

Remember how Butler declared himself in “win now mode?” The whole thing started in his final years in Chicago. Competition always makes things better, and that’s what every NBA star dreams of. Competition spices up the game, and it brings high scores. That’s why LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

The season is about to begin, and NBA stars have found their way in the league. We’ve seen huge names leave top clubs to go somewhere else. LeBron joined the Lakers. How will he handle the game with Jimmy Butler by his side? That would be an awesome challenge. Will LeBron James manage to build a superteam? Will he help the Lakers win a championship? They don’t really have a chance of winning anything big now, but LeBron is confident about the whole thing.

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