LeBron James Shares Great Aaron Rodgers Claim After NFL opener

You can’t see NBA star LeBron James praising random athletes. He keeps his words for praise for those who really deserve that. Like Aaron Rodgers, for example.

The king of basketball hails NFL star Aaron Rodgers as the ultimate football player of all times. The Green Bay Packers quarterback helped his team kick off the new season in style, and was in the center of all events this weekend.

The two-time NFL MVP was injured in the second quarter of the regular-season opener against the Chicago Bears. The opening match was a huge deal, and Rodgers did a great job. He returned in the game, and helped the team recover a 20-point deficit to win 24-23.

His performance was this great that even LeBron James took time to write a post of appreciation. “Woke up this morning saying to myself @AaronRodgers12 You’re INCREDIBLY GOOD at Football my guy! One of the GOATs! Thank you,” he tweeted.

“Great first Sunday of Football yesterday! Happy is back in full swing!” he wrote a general tweet about the new season.

The team is sweating on Rodgers’ talent ahead of their clash with the Minnesota Vikings in Week 2.

“We do have some information and no decision has been made. We’re still collecting all the information. I don’t think anybody’s feeling great right now … But yeah [Rodgers] is sore,” coach Mike McCarthy said.

Aaron Rodgers did tests since his injury, and the Green Bay Packers are due to return to training next days and will check his fitness.

Rodgers’ condition is of great importance for the team, and his teammates are more than ready to play the big game. The Packers have high hopes regarding the new season, but let’s just wait and see what happens this season.

The regular season has just started, and most teams are fit for the challenge.

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