LeBron James’ Wife Savannah Shows Off New Hairstyle

NBA star LeBron James wouldn’t achieve this much if it wasn’t for his wife Savannah, his mother and the kids. He was put on a temptation, and Savannah showed him the right direction. That’s why he loves her, and never misses an opportunity to say that. What’s the definition of a happy woman? It’s usually the one with a fancy new hairstyle.

Yes, last year Savannah James decided to change her hair a bit, and her new hairstyle was out of this world. Savannah is living her life at the moment, and being the wife of King James is a big deal. She has to adjust to the lifestyle his profession brings, and they’re one of the greatest couples we’ve ever met.

LeBron loves his wife, and uses every opportunity to thank her for everything she has done so far. Raising the kids well, taking care of the family, helping him make decisions… So, yes, she does deserve some time for herself.

Last season Savannah braided her hair, adding that she will keep that style until her husband wins another title.

The James couple has been working on several projects, and they do their best to focus on their LeBron James Family Foundation. Savannah gathered teenage girls from local schools in LeBron’s hometown Akron. They got their new prom dresses, accessories, a glam kit, and a pair of Beats By Dre headphones.

The Prom Promise is making girls happy for the seventh year in a row. LeBron knows that his wife is doing a great job.

“Congrats to my Queen Savannah on her 7th annual #PromPromise! What you do for those girls every year in and out is tremendous! They need inspiration and guidance, and you’ve been that to them. Continue to be that. I’m truly proud of you and your commitment to the women of our future!” LeBron wrote.

Yes, they are a great family.

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