LeBron Laughs At Kaepernick Haters After Nike Stock Closed at Record High

Nike decided to make Colin Kaepernick the 30th face of their Just Do It campaign. Many thought this would shut down the corporation, but guess what happened next… Nike stock closed at all-time high just days after the Kaepernick campaign came out.

This was enough for LeBron James to troll every single Kaepernick hater out there. Remember how people burned their Nikes after the campaign was released? Yes, LeBron addressed those guys in his tweet. The Nike stock is the hottest topic today.

LeBron signed a life-long deal with Nike, and he has every right to defend their principles and decisions. He approved the latest campaign, and didn’t think twice before expressing his support for the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

The dramatic raise of the stock surprised everyone, and LeBron used the opportunity to tell haters that they were wrong about the whole Kaepernick campaign.

ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell confirmed the news of Nike’s historic end-of-day stock value. “Nike stock closes at $83.47, an all-time high for the company,” he tweeted.

This came more than a week after Nike released its Just Do It ad. Yes, they didn’t make a mistake by engaging Kaepernick. Moreover, this deal is the main reason their stock went this high.

“Well, I mean I guess WE’RE on fire,” LeBron tweeted. This is more than a tweet. It’s a celebration of the good news. The king of basketball applauds to Nike’s great success, and he was among the first athletes to support the company’s deal.

Kaepernick may have lost his chance of playing in any National Football League team, but he sure won the hearts of most Nike fans and LeBron James. That’s a big deal, right? However, we’ll see if this turns bad for the company at the end. For now, they’re absolute winners.

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