LeBron Unblocks JaVale McGee on Instagram and the World Can Now Sleep Well


LeBron James was pretty busy this offseason as he joined a completely different franchise. However, he does have time to unlock people. You may think this is a joke, but JaVale McGee has something else to say.

The latest LeBron-related news was brought by JaVale himself. He used Instagram to inform his followers that the king of basketball has unblocked him. You see, it’s not a joke.

Everything started on December 20, 2015. McGee posted a screenshot of LeBron’s profile as an Instagram picture, informing the world that he had been blocked. Three years later, LeBron and JaVale play on the same team. God has its own ways of fixing things.

The unblocking part was more than necessary as LeBron will now play with the Lakers. Playing with someone you blocked on Instagram is not pleasant at all. That would only attract the media’s attention and get people talking. Plus, that player may hit you “by mistake.”

LeBron is at the beginning of a new era in his life, and he doesn’t need all the negativity on the basketball court. He doesn’t need any rivals or any enemies on the court either. Building a strong relationship with his teammates is of utmost importance. He joined the Lakers with a great cause, and no blocking will ever stop him from bringing the team to the finals.

Let’s not forget that LeBron will spend four years with the Lakers, so yes, unblocking JaVale was the thing to do.
The Lakers are getting ready for their new season, and fans are more than excited to see the king of basketball donning his new uniform. Some believe he made a mistake, but we do believe that he did a bold move to fly to Los Angeles. He’s also a producer, remember? Keep up the good job, King James!

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