Lonzo Ball Makes Major Statement About LeBron James Signing With Lakers

LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this summer, and his new deal got people talking. Everybody talked about LeBron’s bold move, and joining the Lakers was a huge turnover in his career. What does Lonzo Ball think about this?

The Lakers didn’t quite show a good game in the last few seasons. The addition of LeBron James will probably change the organization, and the king of basketball will have to find a way and work alongside rookies and veterans. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma will sure bring the team to the Finals.

Ball, Ingram and Kuzma are viewed as the promising core. But, the mighty trio has transformed into a strong unit after LeBron’s signing. They will sure score better than last season.

Lonzo Ball had an interview on Good Day L.A., and talked about the new game on the Lakers’ court.

“I ran into him a few times. Any time you get a player like that to come to the team, obviously it’s going to spark ‘em, for sure. Guys have been in there working extra hard for him, and for themselves as well. We think we can do something big this year. So we’re all in there,” Ball said.

LeBron’s arrival brought huge pressure on the young core, but they understand the importance of the game. LeBron is a three-time champion after all. He’s been to the Finals eight straight years, and he’s getting ready for the ninth round.

The Lakers have an interesting collection of talents. They have LeBron, the young talents, Lance Stephenson and JaVale McGee. The combination of rookies and veterans always works, and LeBron arrived in Los Angeles with a mission. To restore the team’s reputation, and rebuild their game.

The new season is about to start, and the Lakers are ready to roll.

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