Look: LeBron James Reacts To His Son Being Ranked 25th Best In The Country

LeBron James taught his oldest son Bronny a few good things about basketball, and now the 13-year-old is winning championships. The king’s son is ranked as the 25th best basketball player in the country.

This made his father, the best player in the world, react to the… good news? Being ranked as the 25th best in the country is not a bad thing, and even LeBron would agree on that one.

The king of basketball used Instagram as a platform to express his feelings about Bronny’s ranking. His son ranked pretty high on the list of best players in the United States, and that’s something one is proud of. So is LeBron.

If you checked his Instagram account, you’d see that LeBron isn’t disappointed at all. In his story you could see that the North Coast Blue Chips are the number one team in the country. This is really important, and LeBron appreciates that. Individual accomplishments are flattering, but team achievements are always better.

King James lives by this first-team attitude all the time. He can reach the top on his own, but involving his teammates brings more pleasure. Seeing your team win is a great deal for everyone. LeBron transfered this attitude to his son. Bronny is doing a pretty good job when it comes to his passing ability and bаsketball IQ. The kid even dunks like a master. That was his first dunk in his life, and he’s just 13. How good will Bronny be at 18? This kid is growing big, and he may be even greater than his father. LeBron raised his kids well, and Bronny is a perfect affirmation of his parenthood.

Maybe next time Bronny will be ranked higher on the list. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s already brilliant on the basketball court.

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