Report: Andrew Bynum Works Out At Lakers Facility

Everybody is talking about the great comeback of Andrew Bynum. Is he really coming back to the Los Angeles Lakers?

Several reports confirmed that Andrew Bynum is pursuing an NBA comeback. The thing doesn’t end here. The former All-Star was seen working out at the Lakers’ facility, as confirmed by Shams Charania of The Athletic.

“Sources: Former Los Angeles Lakers champion center Andrew Bynum worked out in the Lakers’ facility this week as he pursues NBA comeback. Not an official Lakers workout, but gave Bynum opportunity for open gym runs,” Sharania wrote on Twitter.

Let’s not forget that the Los Angeles Lakers have an open door policy for their former stars. Bynum was named an All-Star in 2012 was also the starting center for the team’s two title-winning squads in 2009 and 2010.

“Under current Lakers leadership, there’s been open door for the franchise’s past and present players. Bynum won two titles in LA and was 2012 All-Star. He is scheduling other team workouts, too, in his comeback bid.”

So, yes, Bynum could actually join the Lakers despite the fact that he hasn’t played in four years. His last sting was with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers in the 2013-14 season. Bynum didn’t have a good game, and he was just the shadow of his former self.

The former All-Star had past knee injuries, poor conditioning, and lack of work ethic. This had a huge influence on his performance.

The question is next. Will Bynum hold up after the major surgeries to his knees? How will he handle the long layoff?
ESPN’s analyst Paul Pierce mocked Bynum and his comeback announcement in a recent episode of The Jump.

“This is nothing. Let me tell you why. Because I mean the Andrew Bynum we saw before he left the game, cause the game doesn’t translate to what he does. You know. he was a back to the basket player really couldn’t shoot. I mean it doesn’t translate to today’s game. I have a better chance of probably coming back,” Pierce said.

The Lakers have three open slots for their training camp, so…

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