Report: Patriots Duron Harmon Punished By NFL

Duron Harmon caught himself in a big trouble with the league, and he will have to find a way and cope with the consequences.

Mike Giardi of the NFL Network confirmed that the National Football League fined the Patriots safety $26.7k for his terrible hit on DeAndre Hopkins in the regular season opener against the Houston Texans. The hit came at the end of the fourth quarter, during the Texans’ attempt to know of the score at 27. Duron Harmon made a big mistake here.

Ben Volin of The Boston Globe says that the fine will be dropped to $22.058, as football players can only be fined 25 percent of the weekly salary for their first offense.

Harmon signed a four-year deal with the New England Patriots worth $20 million.

In the season opener, Harmon totaled three tackles, and caught eight of his eleven targets for 78 yards. He helped the Patriots defense limit Deshaun Watson to 176 yards through the air, while making 17 of the 34 passes.

“You always want to start on a positive note. That is important to play good football because you always you are going to grow and get better. The better you start, the more you can improve and the better you can be at the end of the season. I think we are playing better as a football team. We had good drops in our zone, it was a good mix of the [defensive alignment], the front seven and the secondary all playing off each other and when we do that we are a pretty good football team. I think over all we played solid but we did not play great,” Harmon said after the game against the Houston Texans.

That hit cost him a few bucks, and let’s hope that none of this will ever happen again.

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