Report: Patriots Make Decision On Riley McCarron

The New England patriots won the regular-season opener against the Houston Texans, and their main focus is set at the Jacksonville Jaguars. Receivers Riley McCarron and Chad Hansen were waived Monday, and running back Jeremy Hill was placed on injured reserve.

Three roster spots are now open, as McCarron and Hansen were waived. It was more than clear that Hill would land on injured reserve as he tore his ACL during the game against the Texans. Fullback James Develin crushed into his right knee right after Tom Brady completed his pass to Rob Gronkowski. The running back remained on the field, and was then taken to the blue medical tent. He departed to the locker room, and the Patriots confirmed that he will be out of the game until the end.

Running back Ralph Webb caught everyone’s attention, and he may easily be promoted to the roster. He is on the practice squad at the moment. Webb had a few bright moments in the preseason, and has confirmed to be a strong physical back in the SEC during his game at Vanderbilt. In the preseason, Webb totaled 102 yards rushing, and caught five passes for 28 yards and three total touchdowns.

McCarron was signed to the team’s practice squad after the roster cuts, but came forward as Duke Dawson ended up on injury reserve. McCarron had one of the Patriots few lowlights in the game against the Houstons. His move brought the Texans back in the game. We won’t be too surprised to see him back in Foxboro with the Patriots practice unit if he clears waivers.

Head coach Bill Belichick is making changes to create the ultimate force this season. Gronk and Brady are supporting the game in the best way possible, and they’re definitely the strongest pillar in the team.

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