Rob Gronkowski Addresses His New Contract ‘It’s Go Time Now’

New England needed a lot of time to rework the contract of Rob Gronkowski, but he is all smiles now.

Rob Gronkowski talked about reporters right after the new deal was announced, and we couldn’t just ignore that big smile on his face. The Patriots and Gronk reached an agreement before the start of the regular season.

“It’s definitely a relief to have that all out of the way. That was last week, and now that’s in the past, which is good. I can put my main focus on the Houston Texans now. It didn’t weigh on me at all. Everything’s always in the works. Nothing’s just going to happen in a day, something like that. It’s in the past now. It happened last week, so it’s go time now. That’s all,” Gronk said on the negotiations.

The Patriots tight end will earn an additional $4.3 million this season if he manages to hit production and play time benchmarks. This boosts the max value of his contract to almost $13 million.

Gronk earned first-ream All-Pro honors for the fourth time last year, and is considered one of the league’s most powerful offensive weapons. Aaron Donald and Julio Jones signed better contracts, but this had no impact on him.

“I’m super satisfied with my situation. If I wasn’t, I would try to pull a move like they did. It works out. You get rewarded for holding out. But I’m not frustrated at all or anything. I’m super satisfied and just ready to go. Ready to play. That’s my main focus,” the 29-year-old tight end said.

Gronkowski didn’t attend the voluntary program of the Patriots’ offseason program, but we saw him attend every mandatory session. He’s definitely ready to roll on the field.

Game on, Gronk, it’s time to show your best qualities!

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