The LeBron James Family Foundation Surprises Kids At ‘I Promise’ School With Amazing Gift

LeBron James knows that there are too many kids in this world in desperate need of help and love. That’s why the LeBron James Family Foundation got deeper in the social matter.

The LeBron James Family Foundation keeps taking care of local children. Now the kids got the opportunity to have their eyes checked for free. Students at Akron’s I PROMISE School are more than lucky. It was about time that someone hears their voice.

The foundation has a partnership with Northease Ohio Eye Surgeons (NEOES). This partnership provided eye exams for hundreds of students. The kids and their families went to the organization’s Akron/Fairlawn location to have their vision checked. There were also free glasses for those who needed them. The frames will be hand delivered to the I Promise School right after they are ready so the students can have them fitted on site.

“Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons is happy to partner with the LeBron James Family Foundation to provide comprehensive eye examinations to the I PROMISE children and their families. Vision is crucial to learning and future successes. 80% of learning comes through the visual system so to be able to give these children improved vision for their future schooling and careers can make all the difference,” explained NEOES COO Dr. Katie Greiner.

The event gathered a dozen ophthalmologists took part in the event. It also featured activities and videos related to eye health and safety, and also giveaways of UV protectant sunwear and other things. Amazing, right?

The foundation will keep accepting at-risk groups, and offer help to anyone seeking it. LeBron and his family are doing an excellent job for those kids, and nobody will ever forget the good things he has done for the community. These are the things we should focus on. This is amazing news.

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