Tom Brady Candid About Huge Turnover At Receiver

The New England Patriots have been signing and releasing top receiver names. Malcolm Mitchell, Jordan Matthews, Kenny Britt, Eric Decker and Riley McCarron were part of the show.

But, none of them contributed to the team, and the Patriots have made 20 receiver transactions since the beginning of training camp. That’s what ESPN’s Mike Reiss says.

“You know, you’re always faced with something. I think we all try to do a good job of just focusing on what our role is and what our job is and try to bring the best we can every day, regardless of who’s out there. So, those guys are working hard,” quarterback Tom Brady said of the receiver unit.

“Everyone wants production at every part of our skill position on offense. You know, the receiver position is very critical. I would say it’s not a very easy position to learn in our offense. There’s a lot of terminology. There’s a lot of high expectations to perform at a very high level. So, you know, it kind of is what it is and we’ll just make the most of it,” he added.

According to the quarterback, the team’s offense is difficult to learn as a wide receiver. Almost every player who joins the team now will have trouble contributing out of the shoot. New players have to catch up on the team’s rhythm, and that’s not an easy task.

Phillip Dorsett joined the Patriots last year, and he needed an entire season to get used to the team’s needs for a wide receiver. He’s doing a nice job now, and managed to catch all seven of his targets for 68 yards and a touchdown.

“Well, we got him basically at the end of training camp last year, so I think that’s a tough position to be in and it’s hard to really contribute a lot when you don’t have the confidence to know what you should really do. He did the best he could all year, and he was out there as often as he can. He battled through some things and made some real critical plays when we needed them, made a real critical play in the AFC Championship game on the flea flicker and then played almost the whole Super Bowl – whatever, two-and-a-half quarters,” Brady added.

Well, let’s see how will the new guys get accustomed to the Patriots’ criteria.

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