Tom Brady Gives Candid Answer About Patriots Receivers

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is getting used to the thinnest receiving units he has ever had in his career with the team. Is Brady disappointed with the Patriots receivers?

The Patriots receivers may not be the strongest unit to enter the regular season. Malcolm Mitchell, Jordan Matthews, and Kenny Britt were cut due to injuries, and Eric Decker retired. Julian Edelman will be serving his four-game suspension, and that’s pretty much it. The Patriots will enter Week 1 with Chris Hogan, Phillip Dorsett, Cordarrelle Patterson, Riley McCarron and Chad Hansen.

Chris Hogan is the only player to have chemistry with Brady. However, the quarterback has faith in the guys for the Sunday’s game.

“I have confidence in them certainly. You know, Phillip [Dorsett] and Chris [Hogan] have obviously played a lot. I’ve played a lot with them last year. And Cordarrelle’s [Patterson] new and he’s done some good things – obviously, it’s the reason why he’s here. He’s a really good player and he’s been productive in the league,” Brady said during his press conference.

“To be on this team, you’ve got to be a good football player and, you know, the guys that are out there, I have certainly a lot of confidence in. Hopefully – again, we’re all going to be learning on the fly and you’ve got to build as the season goes. We’re in a certain place now, but this is not where we want to be as we get through the season. Every week we want to build on things and there’s no way to replicate what we’re about to go up against and that’s why you got to through it. So we’ll see where we’re at,” the quarterback said.

The receivers unit is slightly weaker than the one Pats had last year. But, Brady is fine with that.

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