Tom Brady Makes Major Statement About Eagles Stealing The Play: ‘Good execution wins games’

The Philadelphia Eagles wouldn’t do that good in the game against the Atlanta Falcons if it wasn’t for the “Philly Philly.” Well, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sure remembers that one. He’s all about good execution.

Pederson reached into New England’s bag of tricks, and did the same play the Pats ran against his team in the Super Bowl. It ended with Brady’s drop, but Nick Foles didn’t drop it this time. It’s something you would call good execution.

Pederson and offensive lineman Lane Johnson admitted to using the play. Tom Brady reacted to this, but his comments were far from juicy.

“Good execution wins games. I think that’s ultimately what we have to do. When you have to make the plays, you either make them or you don’t,” Brady said.

Well, he’s right about that one. If he caught the pass, the Patriots would’ve picked up a nice set of downs.

Unfortunately, he dropped it, and his teammates failed to pick up the first down on the play. The Eagles took the ball, and scored their touchdown. It’s all about execution, guys.

It’s interesting to note that Brady never makes comments on any losses, drops, missed passes or incidents.

“I don’t want to bring on any drama this year. I’m just focused on what I want to do, and be a great football player for this team and be a good example in the locker room, provide great leadership. That’s where my focus is. I know people want to talk about a lot of other things, but I just really want to stick on football and focus on being the best I can be for this team,” the quarterback said.

The Patriots will have their first regular-season game Sunday, and everybody will be watching Brady just in case he makes a mistake.

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