Tom Brady Makes Request Of Patriots Offense For Gronk

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski play in perfect sync each time they hit the field. That’s exactly what happened during the team’s regular-season opener against the Houston Texans. However, Brady is a bit concerned about the way his teammates handle Gronk, and the same applies to the Patriots offense.

Brady and Gronkowski connected on seven of the tight end’s eight targets in the 27-20 win for 123 yards and a touchdown. Gronk found the end zone in the first quarter, but the play of the day was actually the 28-yard pass by the quarterback in the closing minutes of the first half. Gronkowski hauled in the throw with all the Texans drapped over him. What about the Patriots offense?

Brady appeared on WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan program after the matchup, and praised Gronk. According to him, he’s the best tight end in the entire NFL history. Brady encouraged his teammates to raise the level of play to match Gronk’s greatness.

“He’s just a spectacular player so you have to give those guys opportunities. They did a good job on him, just trying to keep him out of the game. But, it is tough because he’s so talented. He’s the best tight end in the league — probably the best to ever play the game. When you have that guy on your team you have to give him looks. We did and he came up big for us. Made the catches. He’s so well-rounded. He blocks so well in the run game. He runs every route, every part of the field — short, intermediate, deep, inside, outside, takes hits, runs after the catch, third-down, first-down, red area,” Brady said.

“He’s a big part of what we do and we all have to match his greatness, all of us, in order to be a great offense. Teams focus on him, which gives other guys opportunities and we’re going to have to take advantage of those opportunities when we get them,” the quarterback added.

Will the Patriots take his advice?

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