Watch: ‘Ellen’ Raises Insane Amount Of Money For LeBron James’ I PROMISE School In Akron

LeBron James appeared on the Ellen show to receive the check for $100,000. The big donation comes from Ellen DeGeneres’ partners at Wal-Mart to benefit LeBron’s new I Promise School in his hometown Akron, Ohio.

The I Promise school is getting the donation courtesy of the Ellen show. The money came when the Lakers star competed in Ellen’s “ridiculous dares” with Channing Tatum. He’s LeBron’s Smallfoot co-star.

However, LeBron wasn’t on the show just to take part in the silly dares. He talked about his I Promise school in hos hometown, noting that it’s a dream come true.


“Kids just want to know that you care. Once they know that you care, then they will tap into their gift. That’s what I’m just trying to do. Let the kids know that we care, that I care. Then we’ll let them fly away,” LeBron said.
The king of basketball noted that his hope is to help turn dreams into reality for each of the kids in his school.

“I walked the same streets as those kids. I had the same dreams. The same nightmares. The same upbringing as those kids, so I know everything that they’re going through,” King James said.

LeBron knows what it’s like to grow in Akron without having someone watching your back. He was raised by a single mom, and didn’t have the best childhood. LeBron had to learn everything about life as a kid. But, his talent was noticed and he’s now the greatest basketball star of all times.

The king of basketball keeps giving his best to support at-risk youth, and keep those kids away from all the trouble he went through. LeBron promised to help the kids in Akron to have a better life. His school has already given them bikes, free eye examination, and glasses.

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