Watch: King LeBron James Can’t Resist Sicko Mode Song

The More Than An Athlete World Tour brought LeBron James in Paris. The Los Angeles Lakers player visited the great city, and even attended a basketball match during the trip. But, Sicko Mode?

Yes, the song put on, and LeBron couldn’t resist it. He just popped out of his seat, and started dancing in front of the audience. Travis Scott did a really good job with his Sicko Mode.

Having the king of basketball watching your game is the greatest honor of them all. LeBron enjoyed every minute of the game, and yes, we can see he was in great mood.

The Nike tour is the hottest topic these days. LeBron went to China and Germany, too. He visited the Berlin Wall, and also attended the ISTAF track event in Berlin.

LeBron has four NBA MVP awards. He was three times the MVP of the finals of the playoffs, and was part of the All-Star Match for 14 times. That’s more than awesome. When it comes to the US team, LeBron won the gold at the Olympic Games. Twice. So, yes, the country is happy to have him around.

King James signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. His new contract gave him a full access to the entertainment industry. LeBron is already producing shows, and one of them is part of the HBO program. The Shop got everyone’s attention with its introduction trailer, and many would agree that it’s slightly controversial. Well, you can’t say that addressing social issues is a controversial thing, right? Top athletes and celebrities will get the chance to talk on the show, and even open some of the topics other people don’t even think of. That was LeBron’s first idea. Helping people tell their opinion, and he’s doing a great job so far.

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