Watch: LeBron Does Ridiculous Dares For the I Promise School Fundraiser

LeBron James moved to Los Angeles, but he will never forget his hometown and those who need help. The three-time champion is giving his best to give support to at-risk groups in Akron, Ohio. He even does dares.

King James and his co-star in Smallfoot Channing Tatumwent on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show and did dares. Ellen had LeBron and Tatum go through several challenges in order to raise money for the king’s I Promise School.

We all know that LeBron doesn’t have any issues talking about his love for wine. But, this time Ellen asked him to take a shot of tequila with no hands. She made a list of dares for the basketball star and his co-star. So, LeBron had a shot of tequila, ate a piece of ice creame cake with hot sauce, and licked a kiwi. It was all part of the fundraiser.

LeBron isn’t really interested on having scheduled interviews on television, but this time he showed the world that he’s ready to do whatever it takes to make sure that the students in his school get the best treatment.

The fundraiser provided LeBron with $100,000, and by the end of the show he helped raise another $50,000 for the school.

“Kids just want to know that you care. Once they know that you care, then they will tap into their gift. That’s what I’m just trying to do. Let the kids know that we care, that I care. Then we’ll let them fly away,” LeBron said.

“I walked the same streets as those kids. I had the same dreams. The same nightmares. The same upbringing as those kids, so I know everything that they’re going through,” he added.

May this be an example for other athletes. There are so many kids needing their help, and it’s time to make a positive change in this world.

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