Watch: LeBron James Is Not Happy With The Newest Basketball Invention

Have you seen the QUBE? It’s the latest basketball invention, and LeBron James doesn’t really like it.

King James noticed the tweet of a peculiar shooting technique aide, and decided to give his opinion on the latest basketball invention. A big ‘NO.’

As listed on the product’s website, QUBE is a “revolutionary breakthrough in shooting a basketball.” The product was designed for poor shooting mechanics, and the invention is actually a cube. Yes, it’s a giant foam dice created to align “proper hand placement and elbow/wrist alignment.”

LeBron isn’t buying any of it. “Man please stop it!!! That’s bad karma for the game of PURE basketball! I’m sending the police to apprehend the frauds now,” he tweeted.

When was the last time you saw a square ball? Does it really exist? One thing stands for sure – LeBron James will never ever approve anything like that. He’s more into the good ol’ basketball. What’s the matter will all these inventions? It’s about time that the nonsense stops. Give us a few round balls, and watch us do magic.

Can you imagine someone bringing a square ball to the Lakers’ training camp in September? The king of basketball will kick ‘em out. That’s a sure bet.

LeBron James is getting ready for his new season with the Lakers, and he’s definitely not playing with squares. He will stick to his routine, and maybe even help others get the idea of basketball. King James will have to combine forces with a young core and veterans. He will undoubtedly do a great job in the big city. That’s why Magic Johnson and Jeanie Buss got him to play with their team. Will they bring another top name next season? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on their game this season. It would be nice to see LeBron confronting his former teammates.

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