Watch: McCourty Twins’ Mom Wears Custom Patriots Jersey

Devin and Jason McCourty have been playing in separate NFL teams since the very beginning of their careers. This gave their mom a headache, as she would always wear custom jerseys in support of her sons.

Devin was part of the Patriots family since forever. Jason was playing with the Titans and Browns, and this year he’s with the Pats, too. So, we used to see mama McCourty rocking her custom jerseys split down the middle. One half was dedicated to the Patriots, and the other was either the Titans or Browns garb. Jason is playing with the Patriots now, and the mom can actually wear a Patriots jersey in support of her boys.

In Week 1, we saw the mom wearing a split down jersey for each of her sons. The only difference is that she’s now supporting one team: the Patriots.

“It was pretty cool. I think for her it was something that she loved to see just both of us together. Obviously, she’s been that one person that’s watched us our whole life and she knows how much we like being around each other even though we might not admit it all the time and seeing us being able to play on the same football team. She’s just excited. She loves every minute of it. She wants to go to away games. Obviously, she’ll be at every home game. It’s kind of a unique opportunity that we know we probably only get limited time with and try to enjoy every step,” Devin said.

In the game against the Houston Texans, Jason played in just 8 percent of the Patriots’ defensive action. He also had an opportunity to play special teams, and lined up next to his brother on a kickoff.

“I don’t know. I guess I didn’t think about it. I just keep trying to show him what to do. He’s always asking me questions. Anything’s possible here. Last week was fun just being out there talking throughout the game. Obviously, being on kickoff together and then, obviously, he didn’t play a lot but even just seeing him prepare, once he got into the game and making a play towards the end to finish the game. It was a lot of fun, obviously,” Devin said of the neat moment with his twin brother.

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