Watch: Rob Gronkowski’s Highlight Catch Sets Up Pats TD

The New England Patriots did an awesome job in the first half of the regular-season opener against the Houston Texans. Head coach Bill Belichick was positive about the first game of the season, and he has faith in his guys. He also trusted Gronk and predicted his highlight catch.

The Texans are going through something you’d refer to as ‘series of unfortunate events.’ Phillip Dorsett’s touchdown put them out of control. The play of the scoring drive came courtesy of tight end Rob Gronkowski. He didn’t miss the opportunity to show off why he’s the most dangerous matchup in the National Football League. It was his highlight catch.

Quarterback Tom Brady delivered a pass, and the big Gronk managed to haul in a 29-yard pass with the Texans hanging around his neck.

The football popped out at the end, but the Texans weren’t able to challenge the play in time, as the Patriots quarterback and the team’s offense went straight to the line and ran another play.

Gronk made a nice grab here, and Brady zeroed in on Dorsett, while connecting on three passes for 30-yards and a four-yard touchdown in the back of the end zone. The Patriots were then brought up 21-6 halftime.

In the first half, quarterback Brady completed 16 of his 26 passes for 154 yards, three touchdowns and an interception. The report of ESPN Stats and Info confirms that the quarterback had at least three touchdowns in the first half for the 18th time in his professional career.

Gronkowski reported four catches for 60 yards and his score. Phillip Dorsett is behind the tight end, catching four of his targets for 40 yards, and his latest score.

So, yes, the Patriots are doing a good job out there, and they will probably rock the game till the end. How will they end the game? A huge win maybe? That would be great.

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