Watch: Stephon Gilmore Picks Off Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is having his first game since tearing his ACL year. He managed to complete only four of his 12 passing attempts, and it seems like he’s losing it.

The Patriots probably made it a very hard return for Watson. The team is having the first regular-season game, and Deshaun Watson can’t really fit in. Watson was sacked twice, and the Houston Texans haven’t scored a touchdown yet. He threw his first interception of the young season.

On the deep pass into the end zone, Stephon Gilmore bolted over from the other side to get the football clean out of the air, and gave the New England Patriots possession once again. The Patriots are leading.

The play is of utmost importance for Gilmore. He was all about points in the preseason. He had a slow start last season, and fans thought that he’d do the same thing this year. Some said that Gilmore would probably need to work himself back into his excellent shape. However, his latest play surprised us all, and the Texans defense will sure benefit from that one.

The corner back depth chart is sort of devastated as Malcolm Butler plays for the Tennessee Titans. The pass-rush is already generating huge pressure.

The Patriots offense seems to be spotless. Quarterback Tom Brady is here, and he’s keeping the team together. The team’s defense wasn’t the brightest spot last year. But, they’re doing a good job at the moment.

This game will have people talking over and over again. Season openers are always a hot topic, as coaches get to see the mistakes they made in the preseason. Winning the Super Bowl is a huge challenge, and both the Patriots and Texans seem to be optimistic about it. Who will win the title this year? Will Brady let it slip down his hands? Again?

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