Watch: Tom Brady Finds James White For Patriots’ Second 12-Yard TD vs. Texans

Tom Brady retiring? Of course not! That man is scoring touchdowns with his teammates, and he’s about to give his best shot. The New England Patriots scored their second touchdown in the first regular-season game thanks to quarterback Tom Brady and running back James White.

Most NFL players are a bit rusty in Week 1 of the campaign, but this doesn’t apply to Tom Brady, James White and Rob Gronkowski. Brady and White had a nice play that resulted in a touchdown. They’re just warming up!

Brady looked pretty sharp from the get-go in the team’s 2018 season opener against the Houston Texans. Fans still talk about his 21-yard touchdown strike to Gronk which is actually the game’s first score.

This time White helped him bring the action to a positive end. The running back hauled in a 12-yard touchdown pass from the quarterback to give the Patriots a two-score lead in the second quarter of the game.

White’s touchdown caps off a 10-play, 75-yard drive by his teammates that stretched just under five minutes.

Are the Patriots winning this game? First it was Gronk, and now White gets in action. Brady has a nice communication with his teammates, and that looks pretty good on the table. Yes, this confirms the theory that the Patriots will try really hard this year. They lost the last Super Bowl, but they won’t lose this one. That’s the only conclusion we can make after the first two quarters of the season opener.

Head coach Bill Belichick has faith in his guys, and his tactics seems to work so far. It’s more than obvious that he found the winning formula this time. Those changes and signings were made for a good reason. The ultimate victory. Let’s wait and see how will this one end.

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