Watch: Jonathan Jones’ Young Daughter Freaks Out Over One-Handed INT

Jonathan Jones was one of the brightest stars on the Sunday afternoon. His one-handed interception inside the five-yard line was really impressive, but his daughter’s reaction was more impressive.

The New England Patriots released a video of the cute girl watching her father make an interception. Jonathan Jones sure has someone who watches his back. This is the cutest thing you will see on the Internet today.

The corner finished with two tackles and an interception. Head coach Bill Belichick praised the player, noting that he had a “tremendous play.”


“Well, all of our defensive backs work very hard on the ball skills and playing with their back to the ball and those type of plays – when to reach for the ball and how to judge the pass without actually seeing the quarterback throw the ball. There are different techniques that we use on that. Devin [McCourty] had a good play on that down the sideline – you know, he broke up a pass to [Tarik] Cohen,” the head coach said.

“But, on Jon’s play, that was a tremendous play where he showed his athleticism to be able to go up for the ball just at exactly the right time based on his recognition of the receiver’s actions and go up there and made a great catch. And J.C., this was on a scramble play and kind of a 50-50 ball there where [Mitchell] Trubisky threw it kind of right between the receiver and the defender. J.C. was able to get in there, get his hands in there and pull it away.”

“Yeah, it was a great play by both players. Sometimes you’re the beneficiary of just an offensive mistake, but in those two cases, I thought those were great examples of good defensive plays where we kind of took the ball away from them, as opposed to they just gave us a good opportunity for it. We were able to get it away from them, so that was good,” Belichick said.

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