Watch: LeBron Addresses Fight Between Paul And Rondo

The Los Angeles Lakers challenged the Houston Rockets for one of the most heated games ever. Things escalated in a matter of seconds, and the court was on fire. Nobody thought that the matchup would end this way.

You could not just ignore the scuffle late in the contest. There were punches between Rockets guard Chris Paul and Lakers guard Rajon Rondo. The incident resulted in ejections and maybe even a few suspensions. Paul, Rondo and Lakers forward Brandon Ingram had to go out.

Lakers forward LeBron James was not involved in the incident, and he discussed the incident with reporters after the game.

“I didn’t see anything, and I didn’t say nothing to my team after the game. Coach said what he had to say, we’ll come in tomorrow and get better,” LeBron said.

King James also discussed the struggle and the current condition, adding that he is not disappointed in nothing his team did tonight.

“I understand that we’re going to have some early struggles, and nobody said it was going to be easy. I’m not disappointed in nothing that we did tonight. We had some miscues, down the stretch we had some missed shots. That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, but I’m not disappointed at all,” he said.

The Lakers lost the game to the Rockets, and they sure have many things to work on. The 124-115 loss was the second lesson they learned this season, and they better apply this knowledge in their next game. LeBron James promised great things on the basketball court, but he cannot do everything on his own. The Lakers still have to work on their chemistry. Every beginning is a struggle, and the team had to play with a completely different roster. Let’s see how will things turn for their next game.

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