Watch: Antonio Brown Shouts Out LeBron James As The GOAT

Who is the GOAT? This question has raised so many debates and discussions, and fans still argue on that one. NBA experts always jump in with comments, and now we have Antonio Browns fueling this debate in his own league.

Antonio Brown decided to share his opinion on the matter, and you cannot just ignore his impression.

Brown said he was impressed by King James right after LeBron defeated his former teammates in one of the most emotional matchups ever.

It was a brilliant night for LeBron, and Brown will never forget it. According to him, this contest was the deciding factor.

LeBron James left Cleveland this summer to join the Los Angeles Lakers, but that did not stop fans from cheering on him. The king of basketball received a warm welcome, and he sure deserves that and much more. LeBron brought the championship in Cleveland, and fans are thankful for everything he has done for the team and the community.
Brown sure noticed hos LeBron handled the Cavaliers. He averaged 41.5 point per game in the couple of games against the Cavaliers and the Miami Heat.

LeBron will now get the chance to prove everyone he is the GOAT by slashing the Broncos on Sunday. Let’s not forget that he reached a few milestones this season. His numbers go up with every game he plays in, and we can already see him passing the greatest NBA legends.

King James is more than an athlete. He is an important figure in Ohio. Locals will never forget his charitable work and the I Promise School he opened in his hometown Akron, Ohio. He is never too busy to visit his hometown and spend some time with his greatest fans. He may be a Laker now, but Cleveland will always be in his heart.

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