Luke Walton Releases Bombshell Statement About LeBron After Lakers Loss To Kings

The Los Angeles Lakers played without LeBron James for the first time since signing him this summer. They had a nice start of the game against the Sacramento Kings, but it was more than obvious that they need their leader. The team was leading by 15 points in the fourth quarter, and the Kings came close enough to win the game thanks to a buzzer-beating 3-pointer. What does head coach Luke Walton say about this?

Lakers fans watched the team playing the past few years, and things like this do not really happen when LeBron is on the court. Head coach Luke Walton said LeBron is probably the difference between win and loss for the team, but was more than positive that the Lakers should have won the game without the king.

“With him being hurt, this is the first close game we’ve been in where he’s not there. If LeBron James plays in that game, it probably finishes a little differently, but that’s what we have to get. That’s what our guys were doing last year, but when you get the closer in the game on your team, you rely on him to do that.”

“All that said, we made enough plays to win, we just didn’t take care of little things, which has nothing to do with being a closer — it’s rebounding, it’s getting back in transition defense. Those type of the things that cost us the game, not the fact that we didn’t have him at the end or that shot Bogdanovic hit,” he added.

This can also work for those blaming the loss on the thought that Brandon Ingram missed a free throw and failed to put the team up by three points. Well, everyone should make a free throw, and you call these throws “free” for a reason.

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