Tom Brady Makes Huge Statement About Gronkowski’s Play Vs. Chargers

Patriots fans are almost sure that tight end Rob Gronkowski will retire after the season. However, he was excellent in the AFC Divisional Round match against the Los Angeles Chargers, and quarterback Tom Brady made a huge statement about him.

Gronk caught just one pass for 25 yards, but was a brilliant blocker on the Patriots’ offensive line as the team had a strong day on the ground. The tight end was involved as a blocker. The Patriots backfield totaled 155 yards and four touchdowns in the big win over the Chargers. That’s why Brady made this amazing statement about his favorite tight end.

“Yeah, he’s a great blocker,” the quarterback said after the Divisional Round. “I think that’s something that goes maybe a little under the radar with his skill set, but he’s one of the most dominant blocking tight ends in the league. Again, he’s a threat when he catches it. Just did such a great job there to start the third quarter. He’s a threat any time he’s out there.”

Gronk embraces the role he was given

“I mean, the run game is huge,” he said. “I mean, I believe it’s a huge asset of the game and it helps open the pass game and it helps open the receivers in the pass game, the running backs in the pass game. Just to be able to run the ball, to be able to block, I mean, I’ve never taken it for granted. I’ve always loved run blocking. I love to do the balance of both, but whatever I get asked to do, whatever coaches want me to do, teammates, if it’s run blocking, pass blocking, whatever, going up for a pass, I’m down to do.”

Gronkowski added: “Yeah, that was a real fun game out there, just the way we were executing. Whatever coaches call, whatever plays we call, we practice all week. Blocking, receiving, no matter what is, whatever play is called, just got to go out there and do your job. We had a lot of run action, running plays and just got to do your best job at it. It was a great overall offensive unit that we went out there and just put plays together and put up points.”

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