Robert Kraft Releases Groundbreaking Statement About Tom Brady’s Contract With Patriots

Tom Brady will turn 42 in the final year of his contract. Will the Patriots offer him a contract extension?

Of course! Team owner Robert Kraft said he would never have reservations about offering contract extension as TB12 is ready to play until he is 45.

“Think about it: The last three years we’ve been privileged to go to the Super Bowl with a quarterback in place. I would be quite surprised if he didn’t continue for quite a while as our quarterback,” Kraft said at Super Bowl LIII after commissioner Roger Goodell’s news conference.

Brady’s contract extension is a top priority

The Patriots will be focused on the extension. The sides have reached an extension with a couple of years remaining on the contract. They will sure try to get that done.

When asked about the support he gets for playing this long, Brady said, “The reality is I don’t think many people thought I’d be playing like this even though I had a great belief I would. I think RKK [Kraft] has always supported me in my beliefs and thoughts. That’s why we have a great relationship.”

The Elias Sports Bureau reported that Brady will be the fourth player to spend 20 seasons playing in the same NFL team. TB12 will join the “team” of Jason Hanson, Darrell Green, and Jackie Slater.

Reporters asked Kraft how much the quarterback means to the franchise, the owner said, “Having the head coach [Bill Belichick] we have and having Tom, there is a unique symmetry there, and chemistry. It carries over to the whole organization. I think we’re very lucky.”

Tom Brady is the player that brought the Patriots this far. He is the coach on the field, and players know it. Things would not make sense without TB12, right? Keep that in mind, haters.

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