Watch: Tom Brady Arrives At Gillette Stadium

The New England Patriots are playing their Week 12 game against the Cowboys at Gillette, and this will be the toughest game of the season. That’s what most analysts say. Quarterback Tom Brady arrived at the Gillette stadium, and yes, he arrived in style. As usual.

Patriots will play their second straight game against an NFC East opponent when they return to Gillette Stadium to face the division-leading Dallas Cowboys. The game will feature the Patriots top-ranked defense against the Cowboys top-ranked offense. The Patriots are 3-0 against NFC East teams in 2019 after wins at Washington, vs N.Y. Giants and last week’s 17-10 win at Philadelphia.

The New England Patriots created a strong dynasty, and they dominate the NFL. In the past two decades, New England became a top force in the NFL. Of course, the 1980s-90s San Francisco 49ers are still getting some support, especially from Patriots haters. The best part comes when you realize that the Patriots are ready to hit another NFL record on Sunday.

Brady is ready to play his usual game, but he may have trouble finding a receiver on the field. Newly acquired veteran Mohamed Sanu and Phillip Dorset are ruled questionable, and TB12 may play with only three receiver on Sunday afternoon.

This will be a tough game for the New England Patriots as they will try to convince others about their dominance. New England lost just one game, the one against the Baltimore Ravens. It was a good lesson for the team, and they won the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. It was a big win, but Brady wasn’t pleased with that. He didn’t expect another bad game from his offensive line, but the guys struggled to score points. Moreover, they didn’t score any points at all.

NFL experts have made a prediction regarding the upcoming game, and almost everyone agrees that Tom Brady’s team will win.

Great predictions

Joe Giglio from is probably the only analysts who believes that the Cowboys may win the game. He won’t be surprised to see the Patriots lose this game. Unlike the New England Patriots, Dallas has a strong offense. According to him, the Patriots won’t take full advantage of the Cowboys defense.

Pete Prisco from CBS Sports says the Patriots will win because the Cowboys have played a few road games, and the Patriots are a big bite to swallow. New England struggles on the offense, and even Tom Brady is frustrated. Prisco also cited the Dallas defense, adding that TB12 is better than Dak Prescott.

The Patriots will try really hard to win this game, but we believe that they will win this one. Game on, Patriots!

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