Watch: Chargers’ Joey Bosa Gushes Over Quarterback Brady In New Mic’d Up Video

It is easy to support Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He has done so much for his team, and his teammates have won so many awards thanks to his talent. Joey Bosa is one of the greatest fan of the quarterback, and you could easily see it in this mic’d up video.

The Patriots played the Los Angeles Chargers past Sunday, and Joey Bosa revealed this funny moment he had with the quarterback. As you can see, Bosa was mic’d up for the game at Gillette Stadium, and fans can witness the hilarious exchange for themselves.

The latest clip from Tuesday’s night’s “Inside the NFL” episode says it all. You can see Bosa fawning over TB12 while sitting on the sideline.

Have you ever seen someone be this nice in such game?

Joey Bosa is a fan

“He did a really good job getting rid of the ball,” Bosa said. “I mean, every single time I won — which, I won a few pass rushes here and there — the ball was gone. We made a joke, we were talking to each other and he just patted me on the back and I said ‘Stop getting rid of the ball so fast!’ He said ‘Stop getting to me so fast and I won’t have to get rid of it!’ Their O-line, they did a good job. I wasn’t getting much in the first half. Every time you win a rush and you look up and the ball is gone, it’s a little demoralizing. But I just kept going and I think our defense fought that whole second half. Came up very short this time.”

Tom Brady will need to do his best next Sunday. The Patriots will confront the Kansas City Chargers in one of the coldest games this season. Let’s see if this match will be as great as last Sunday’s game.

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