Tom Brady And Family Reportedly Moved To Manhattan

Pretty much every NFL fan is focused on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his offseason move. Brady’s regular-season ended a lot earlier than usual as his team was eliminated from the playoffs. The New England Patriots played the wild-card game against the Tennessee Titans and lost the match. New England didn’t have a chance to win a Super Bowl this season, and the organization is now focused on the offseason. Who is staying? The GOAT is set to become a free agent in March, and he has never entered free agency in his professional career. Brady purchased a new home in Connecticut, and some reports suggest that the Brady-Bundchen clan has moved into Manhattan.

A WEEI report revealed that TB12, Gisele and the kids moved into a new mansion in Greenwich. NBC Sports Tom E. Curran shut down the story adding that the family doesn’t even own a home in the area.

The rumors disappeared, and everything was quiet for a while. Well, NFL Network’s Mike Giardi is here to stir the pot.

Is Manhattan a long-term option?

Giardi revealed that Brady and his family live in Manhattan at the moment, adding that the Brazilian supermodel moved with the kids prior to the end of the regular season. According to Giardi, the Boston home is still up for a sale.

In other words, Brady’s future in the NFL is still unclear. The family owns an apartment in Manhattan, and Brady’s oldest son Jack lives there.

Brady will enter free agency in mid-March, and the Patriots have an option to offer him a contract before its beginning. If they don’t sign him before March 18, TB12 will be able to sign a deal with a different team.

Some rumors suggest that the Los Angeles Chargers are done with Phillip Rivers. Does this mean they have an empty spot for Brady?

Drew Brees has yet to make a decision regarding his return, which means New Orleans has an empty spot too. Mike Vrabel and the Tennessee Titans may lose Ryan Tannehill and Marcus Mariota this spring. The Dallas Cowboys have yet to sign Dak Prescott. What will happen next?

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