Watch: Tedy Bruschi Has Bold Message To Patriots After Super Bowl LIII Win

Tedy Bruschi is can’t keep calm, because the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl.

Bruschi is well aware of the greatness that thrives in Foxboro, and he always talks about his former team and the players that brought it this far. He took to his Instagram account to congratulate the team on the win, and his post was more than emotional.

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Championship won the Patriot way!

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The former Patriots talked about the Patriots and their chances to win the Super Bowl. He talked about Brady’s age, Josh Gordon’s suspension, and the plan Bill Belichick needs to embrace in order to keep Brady healthy for longer.

“I don’t know why. Maybe they’re just tired of seeing greatness for so long because that’s what it is. I personally don’t get tired of it, New Englanders don’t get tired of it. It’s because he’s doing something that you just haven’t seen and you didn’t think it was possibly,” Bruschi said of the Brady’s haters.

When it comes to advising Belichick and Kraft on the Brady matter, Bruschi had the perfect tip.

“I just look at other teams and how they’ve dealt with, you know, aging quarterbacks and how they’ve tried to make them last all 16 games. And I look at the New Orleans Saints because I see Drew Brees also getting there close to his 40s and what has Sean Payton done to take care of Drew Brees, if you will, take reps off Drew Brees’ body, if you will? I see a player like Taysom Hill. I see Taysom Hill come in and get a handful of reps where Drew Brees is just lined up there at wide receiver and he’s doing nothing, and it gives you that extra dimension of an offense and also an athlete at quarterback that gives defenses has to worry about different things and you’re taking reps off your quarterback,” the former Patriots linebacker said.

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