Watch: Andre Ingram Honored With Standing Ovation From Bulls Fans

Andre Ingram may not have played long enough in the game against the Chicago Bulls. Lakers fans probably hoped for a different scenario, but it all went well.

The newly acquired player attracted everyone’s attention and his return to the NBA is definitely making headlines these days. Andre Ingram played his first NBA game as a 32-year-old player last season and had 32 points. That didn’t happen last night, and played only four seconds in the game his team won over the Bulls. But, this wasn’t a problem, because fans in Chicago honored him with a standing ovation.

There were a lot of Lakers fans watching the game. Ingram’s play was bigger than anything. Bulls fans are well aware of the brilliance Ingram represents and his role in the league at the moment. Ingram spend a decade playing in minor leagues, and he was finally called last year. He will definitely make one of the biggest stories this season, and the Lakers better use that.

Head coach Luke Walton likes Ingram.

“I love his attitude,” he said. “He doesn’t complain, he works hard no matter what.”

Walton is also happy for the success his team had. He said, “It’s been a while, so I’m happy for the guys. I know they feel good. I’m happy with the way they chose to re-engage and fight. … That’s how you want to start out a long road trip.

 “I would’ve assumed that we got hit with a lot of injuries. If you told me we were healthy, I would’ve told you there is something wrong. But it is where we are at right now as a group and it is our job to continue to come out and give everything we can to get better to win what games we do have left.”

Keep up the good job, Ingram!

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