LeBron James Makes Bold Guarantee About Lakers’ Future

LeBron James is far from happy with how things work in Los Angeles, and he made a promise.

It seems like LeBron James and his team will miss the playoffs for the first time since 2005. Lakers haters don’t really believe that LeBron will play in the postseason.

Brandon Ingram is dealing with a scary health problem, and Lonzo Ball isn’t healthy this season. The Western Conference will turn into a battle field once the Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings make the playoffs next year.

We can’t real tell much about the Lakers’ future at the moment. LeBron James isn’t ready to accept that as an answer. He admitted that the Lakers are out of the game, but ESPN’s Dave McMenamin confirmed that LeBron sure made a big promise about his future and he sure comes back for the playoffs.

LeBron didn’t provide much info on his future plans and his comeback, but he delivered a quote that could give us some extra hope.

“I’ll be watching it if we’re not in there, and it looks like our chances are slim to none after each and every game, and so many teams in the West are playing well,” James said. “So you try to get better, but this won’t be the last time I’ll be in the postseason.”

“Obviously, I would love for the team to be in the postseason,” James said Tuesday. “Even if I’m not a part of it, the postseason I’ve always loved. But right now, it’s not the hand I was dealt, so you play the hand that you were dealt until the dealer shuffles the cards and you’re dealt another hand and can do that.”

The Lakers are expected to overhaul the roster in the offseason. They will try to sign a superstar free agent. Is Anthony Davis coming their way?

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