Report: Three-Team Trade With Lakers Would Pair LeBron James And Anthony Davis

We will remember this season for the unsuccessful Anthony Davis trade. The Los Angeles Lakers offered a nice package of players to get the Pelicans star on their roster, but New Orleans wanted more. Magic Johnson stepped back from his plans, and the whole thing was shut down immediately. There was no chance for the Pelicans to let go Davis. But, will they agree to this three-team deal?

NBA pundits are too loud about it. This deal would include the Pelicans, Lakers and Boston Celtics. There’s still a chance for the Lakers to take part in the deal. But, they won’t get both LeBron and Davis. If successful, this deal would pair LeBron and Davis in Boston.

Bleacher Report’s Preston Ellis proposed an idea for the teams. He suggested that the Celtics may turn into a trade partner with LA and New Orleans. We can’t really tell if the Lakers would be happy to let LeBron go.

“The deal wouldn’t come without a degree of difficulty,” Ellis wrote. “James and his camp possess arguably more power than any current athlete and could look to stonewall a potential deal. But terms under the collective bargaining agreement kept him from earning a no-trade clause, and his maximum salary makes his 15 percent trade kicker less of a power play. On paper, the Celtics seem likely to jump on a potential league-shifting blockbuster.

Kyrie Irving‘s discontent with the young players on the Boston Celtics roster has made headlines, and everyone remembers the parallel he drewto his time with James in Cleveland. Add the Irving situation to the Anthony Davis speculation, and we’ve got a partner that should be more than willing to unload everything possible in pursuit of both superstars.”

In other words, the Lakers will have to give up on the idea of building a roster around LeBron. But, the team will get a chance to restock its roster and add talented players. This trade would make the Celtics one of the strongest team in the league. They would have to send Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum, and three future first-round picks to New Orleans, and bring Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, and a pair of 2019 first-round picks to the Lakers. That’s the only way to get both LeBron and Davis.

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