Report: What Patrick Beverley Wants From Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers will try to get another big star this summer. Their newly freed $32 million in cap space will be of great help in the process. The team will also have to get ready for the possibility that they are unable to get a big name. If this happens, the team will have to use the space to sign a lot of shooting and defense players. LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma are frontcourt players, and some say that former Los Angeles Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley is one of the best options for the team.

The Lakers will have to pay a lot of money to get Beverley. According to reports, Beverley will ask for a three-year deal worth more than $40 million per year. The Lakers are interested in the point guard, but they are not alone on the market. The Dallas Mavericks, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Clippers and a few other teams are interested in Beverley’s services.

Tim MacMahon reported on Beverley’s plan.

“Sources: Patrick Beverley is seeking a deal in the three-year, $40+ million range. Suitors include Mavs, Lakers, Bulls and Clippers. Agent Bill Duffy also represents Luka Doncic and is known to be intrigued by idea of pairing bulldog Beverley with the young playmaker.”

If Los Angeles misses out on Beverley, the price won’t be the reason. Beverley is the ideal role player for the Lakers 2020 season and if the team treats him as a primary expenditure this offseason, a starting salary of $13 million would be reasonable. That would leave the Lakers about $20 million in cap space left to spend or $15 million if they manage to retain the cap hold of Reggie Bullock. That may give the team another starting-caliber players.

Timing will be the only problem for the team. The Lakers and Clippers won’t make a move until Kawhi Leonard makes a decision on his future team. The Mavericks will go after a big star, too. Who are they interested in? We don’t know. The Bulls have other interests at the moment.

Let’s see what happens next week.

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