Watch: Larry Bird And Robert Kraft Receive Standing Ovations At Celtics Game

The Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers got fans racing as they played the first game of the NBA Playoffs. But, there was something else that got people jumping and cheering. Patriots owner Robert Kraft and legend Larry Bird stole the show during the game.

How could you ignore the fact that Larry Bird is in the building? No Celtics fan would ever ignore his presence. Bird’s face appeared on TD Garden’s video board in the third quarter, and fans went crazy. Bird is now the president of basketball operations for the Pacers. What did he do? He stood and waved to pretty much everyone in attendance. TD Garden turned into an avalanche of ovations and emotions.

Robert Kraft surprised everyone with his attendance. His face popped up on the video board, and Kraft fueled the fire. He was greeted with ovations and joy.

It’s not like Kraft and Bird were the only bright spot of the evening. But, their presence sure made everything look and feel better. Fans enjoyed every bit of the game, and they sure needed a support of this kind.

The Patriots owner is still in the middle of the biggest scandal in recent times. He is accused of soliciting another person to commit prostitution, but his legal team is doing the impossible to save his reputation and prove he is innocent. It seems like they will succeed in doing that as prosecutors have already pulled back their sex trafficking accusations. Kraft’s lawyers are also trying to block the release of the video evidence police officers collected. It was obtained illegally as they noted.

The Patriots nation jumped into defending Kraft. But, prosecutors tried to destroy his reputation. The pre-trial deal was the last bullet they fired. Kraft was offered a deal, and he turned it down. It was just an attempt to humiliate him publicly.

The Patriots are off to another great season. They are getting ready for their spring practice, and you can bet they are ready for another Super Bowl win. 2018 was their year, and the team won the sixth Lombardi-Trophy in the Brady-Belichick era.

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