Tom Brady Admits Gisele Sometimes Goes Harder Than Him In The Gym

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, but he says that his wife Gisele goes harder than him in the gym.

Brady made the comments ahead of the grand opening of his new TB12 Performance and Recovery Center. Well, we all know that Brady is an excellent athlete on and off the field.

“She’s an incredibly hard worker in the gym,” TB12 said. “She’s got so much energy. She needs to work out, because she wouldn’t be able to sit still. She trains hard, and when we’re in there together sometimes she goes harder than me.

 “When I practice on the field, which is really important for me, that’s really intense for me — more than the gym, when I’m probably a little less intense. She’s pretty intense. She gets after it.”

The new sports center is inspired by Brady’s training program. It was co-founded by Alex Guerrero. Athletes who visit the center receive personalized services from TB12’s Body Coaches. They rely on strength, conditioning, and nutrition plans. Cognitive health is important, too. The new facility will have a smoothie bar and group training classes.

The Patriots quarterback and his facility support athletes through the physical locations and also products and digital experiences.

“I think since I’ve been in fifth grade, I’ve just always enjoyed it,” Brady said of training and focusing on always improving and fixing his body. “What a blessing for me because that’s what my career is. I think some people do find it hard to feel motivated to get up and work out every day, but that’s just been something that’s been very inherent in my daily routine.”

When it comes to Gisele, Brady likes to call her “a very unique woman, and I say that in the best way.”

“She’s my wife, so I’m biased, and I married her, but she is so supportive of me,” he added.

Gisele has been really supportive throughout Brady’s career. Although she wanted him to retire at some point of his career, she still insists that he does whatever makes him happy. For Brady, it’s probably winning another Super Bowl. Or two.

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