Report: New Update Emerges On Tom Brady’s Offseason Workouts Status

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady missed the voluntary part of the offseason workout. Mike Florio released an update on Brady’s plans for this spring.

We are sort of used to Brady’s limited presence which is why we won’t be surprised if he decides to do the same. Florio reported that Brady won’t show up when the Patriots return to work on Monday. Brady did the same thing last season, and it turned really well for everyone. The team won Super Bowl LIII, so Brady’s absence didn’t really change a lot.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media suggested that TB12 may “bulk up” for his 20th season. If he does this, he will definitely work out away from the team.

“Brady’s recent habit of skipping the offseason program seems to be part of the compromise he has reached with his wife, who seemed to be nudging him to retire two years ago, when she ultimately went public with concerns about concussions he has suffered,” Florio wrote. “Brady now seems to have license to play as long as he wants, as long as he treats the voluntary offseason program as mostly voluntary.”

Brady’s dad supports his offseason plans

This doesn’t come as a surprise for his fans, and his father, Tom Brady Sr., supports his son’s decisions. I mean, those decisions helped Brady win six Super Bowls, so he sure knows what he is doing.

“I think he’s very happy where he’s at,” Brady’s father said. “And I think it shows. I’ve never seen him more delighted than he was than at the end of postgame last week. I just think right now he’s very, very content in his life of football. He was able to spend that time in the offseason, which was very special. You need that. You need a little more rejuvenation than what you need when you’re younger.”

Gisele and the kids will sure be happy to see Brady around. He will be super busy in the regular season, and this time-off will sure be great for everybody, including the quarterback. It’s not like he has something to learn. Brady has been part of the NFL for two decades, and he knows his job.

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