Report: Robert Kraft Makes Decision On Pre-Trial Deal

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is still involved in the prostitution scandal, and there’s an update on the pre-trial deal he was offered.

The Patriots owner declined his right to pre-trial deal as the Friday deadline passes. If Kraft had accepted this deal, he would have to plead guilty. But he has alrady pleaded not guilty.

Declining the pre-trial deal will send him straight to a court trial which would include eye witness counts of the events.

Kraft pleaded not guilty to the two misdemeanor solicitation charges and has been struggling with Florida state attorney Dave Aronberg since the very first moment the scandal broke. His lawyers are trying to prove that the police obtained the video footage illegally.

Jupiter Police Department officers “caused a phony ‘suspicious package’ warning to be issued for the Spa in order to force an evacuation so the JPD could install hidden cameras inside several of its private massage rooms, as well as in the Spa’s lobby.”

Kraft’s legal team will do whatever they can to prevent any further damage to his reputation.

“This ruse concealed the execution of the Warrant from the Spa, its employees, and its customers, none of whom received notice of the issuance of the Warrant or the placement of hidden video cameras on Spa premises,” Jack Goldberger, Kraft’s Florida-based attorney, wrote. 

“Sharp made his reckless leap over to human trafficking based on supposed ‘evidence’ consisting of such things as observing a refrigerator stocked with food, two beds, and clothing‐all of which may be routinely observed at any number of places of employment, including law offices, for reasons having nothing to do with human trafficking.

“It strains credulity, however, to believe that Herzog would have observed such items and linked them to trafficking but somehow omitted those pictures from her report, choosing instead to include pictures of an open refrigerator and freezer.”

Prosecutors also said they’d bring an eye witness to confirm that Kraft is actually guilty. This case has attracted everyone’s attention, including the media. What will happen next? Is Kraft going to trial? That’s what the latest development of events suggests.

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